Samsung S4

Today i checked out Samsungs Galaxy S4, a fully equipped android interfaces with lots of really surprising features. I have to admit that my phone is my 3rd arm. I use it for everything – emails, blogging, camera, instagram, dropbox, facebook, weather, notes, calendar and i could go on. I call, text and email 10 times a day, minimum – so with out my phone i’m pretty lost. Samsung of course covers all of that – hello 2013 and smart phone, that’s no surprise. The features i found interesting, while testing was the Air View – a function that makes it possible to open your phone and scroll down pages, with your eyes. It sound very freaky, but it’s pertty cool, and not something i have ever seen before. You activate Air View and let the sensor connect with your view, and voila – you control the phone. I also like the S-Health app, which is kind of like Shape up, if you know that app from iPhones? I have used it to keep track of my calories and it’s really easy. S-Health don’t have a food database, so you have to insert everything manually, but you can save your meals and use them again. I have a really close relationship to my mac products, so a change to Android will take some time. I am very intrigued by the huge screen, a feature mac cannot match.

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